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Self Tour Guide 2021

Welcome to the “Unofficial LEGO” museum in Bellaire, Ohio.

The museum has more than 10,000,000 bricks, 3 stories and a lot of fun!

BRAND NEW ITEMS IN for 2021; Batman and Emmet from the LEGO movie.  Both are in excellent condition and quite tall!  The “un-named cat”, he is missing an ear but in excellent condition for his age.  Will be taking suggestions for naming rights! The 6ft tall space shuttle is AMAZING! The diver with his scooter! An amazing piece from Germany brand new for 2021! And the “piece de resistance” is the 1983 LEGO World show also found in Germany! A full traveling LEGO show from the early 1980s!

BRAND NEW ITEMS IN for 2020;  The “Tourist” on the first floor.  Amazing piece from LEGOLAND. The huge Batman display on the 1st floor.  The friends girl in the COLTC room.  The cowboy and horse in the back hallway.  The Amish buggy and the unique creature pulling it.  Also check inside it for an Amish kid (made of LEGO of course).  The Sandy Koufax display in the COLTC room is also new for 2020.  The Gym with the world record was completely redone this year. Check out the bear in the Gym…he is a photo op ready to be seen!

Items for 2019; Carousel  room is OPEN, Chinese architectural display, Star Destroyer, Captain Rex, FULL display of the Shipping Wars Robot, “Sitting kids”, Ukulele, LEGO Guitar, Michelangelo mosaic, “Hugman”, Sounds from the kid brick

When you enter from the parking lot, you will see an owl looking figure.  His name is ‘Gurgi’ and he says six different things when the button is pushed multiple times.

Next to Gurgi is the European Clown display!  Buttons on this display also.

Across from there is Babar the Elephant (Doctor)

Down the right hallway is the new Underwater Display featuring a submarine and habitat.  Past the habitat is a robot with a button.  To the left is a viewing area for the LEGO band.  Green button = go, Red Button = stop.  Emergency exit to the right. Check out “Flipper and Squiddy” they just came back from a promotional stint. ALSO check out the periscope in the Underwater display, very cool item!

On the 1st floor you have displays all over the place (check out Hugman next to the Batman Sign, and the NEW Star Destroyer by the bathroom!)!  The rooms are as follows;

Left – Space room, COLTC room (Central Ohio LEGO Train Club) (button on train), bathroom, Castle room (in the works), Mid-evil room (also has display shown on Shipping Wars (dragon)) (button on display).

Right – Town room (button on train), gift shop, masters room, kid’s playroom and party room, ship display (button on ship), button in hallway on the helicopter also!

In the Hallway you have the Star Wars Battle Droid, press the red button and watch him come to life!

Up the stairwell is the 2nd floor, you also have displays all over the place.  The rooms are as follow;

Left – Coolville room (Life sized Scooby Doo, Life sized Spiderman), Mars Mission room (buttons all over that room including one entry button push and look up!! And the Western Room

Right- Zoo (check out the Monkey’s eyes, he looks like he is following you.  Also the “food chain” which goes like this…. “The carrots are eaten by the rabbits, the rabbits are eaten by the Chupacabra, the Chupacabra is eaten by the lion, and of course Garfield is the top of every food chain!

The hallway features a model of an air conditioner made by famed model maker “The Brick Artist” Nathan Sawaya as well as other very cool models.  Button on the soccer display (in the hallway). In the center hallway check out the rhino baseball player and hockey player! NEW DISPLAY Chinese Architecture display!

In the back hallway is the Harley in Prison display (in the works for 2020).

In the basement, go all the way down to the basement from the front lobby past the lift.  You will see the World Record display (tractor-trailer, built in 5 days with a team and then the kids came in and built their names, sayings, and displays for the 2007 World Record “World’s largest LEGO display” which made the 2010 Guinness Book of World Records!

Down the back staircase is the WORKING LIFE SIZE MOO-A-CELL, we rebuilt the carousel from the front of the building in the downstairs.  It now has a working mechanism and spins!

Things you have to see;

Life sized Captain Rex

EXO Force MECH in the center hallway (now with lights)

Items on Shipping Wars; Dragon (in the castle room) and the HUGE robot in the center hallway (he was in pieces during shipping wars, but he is together and working now)

Life sized Spiderman and Life sized Scooby Doo (top floor)

Life sized Thomas the Train (well cartoon life size!)

Check out the Harry Potter Mosaic in your camera, you can see the detail a lot better through a camera)

World Record and the LEGO band (The LEGO 3) basement

Carousel (back basement)

Dolphin in the submarine area, he is AMAZING!

Gift Shop (A little bit of something for everyone!)

***** 2020 CHALLENGE; Find the 10 LEGO girls hidden around the museum!  *****